Everyone Needs A Locksmith

There comes a point and time in everyone’s life where they will need a locksmith. Whether you have broken off a key in the ignition of a car, or broke the key in the entry to your home, a locksmith is usually the only one who can solve these issues. They are in every town and every neighborhood across America, the 24 hour locksmith silver spring md is our friend. They have rescued some of us from emergency situations and even our children from lock automobiles.

The locksmith is a career that has been handed down through generations. The first locksmith was actually reported back in 1939. At its humble beginnings, being a locksmith was more of a hobby or craft than a career. Down through time, things began to change as the value of a locksmith was truly seen. The first locksmiths didn’t have the fancy tools that we see today. In fact, oftentimes they would make their own tools to help their friends and neighbors. Soon those with this skill were able to show their worth and people began to pay for their services.

When things first began, it was usually a family trade that was passed down between fathers and their sons. There were family secrets on how to do things and no fancy schools or classes like we see today. The locksmith back in the early era didn’t have to worry about automobiles, but they had a whole other complexity, as they had skeleton keys and entire systems for a home that locked entirely. When they went to make a skeleton key, there was no fancy machine that auto grinded it, they had to do it all by hand. Back in those days they would use a file a good hack saw. It could take an extended period of time to make one key, so unlike today’s technological advances.

As fast as the car industry was changing, so were the locks. The beginning locks were called Rim knob. When the difficult long and skinny keys were too difficult to make, the mortised locks were created. Down through history locks have change drastically and so has the technology used to pick them. Today’s locksmith has a plethora of tools and ample training to be able to service their customers. While some of the basics are still implemented in today’s shops, the entire craft is vastly different. Everyone needs a good locksmith, because you never know when a crisis will strike.